4 Things on Home Automation Architects Should Know?

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4 Things on Home Automation Architects Should Know?

Home Automation is gaining immense popularity in the modern homes of India. It is growing at a steady pace especially in the metro cities. You have a wide range of advantages with automation such as safety, security, comfort, efficiency and improved economics.

With these benefits, they are no longer considered as a luxury but necessity. Nevertheless, there are some concerns regarding technology and dependability. Here are some common queries that are frequently asked:

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Should you opt for a wireless system or a wired system?

It depends on the size of your home. If you own a relatively small place such as a 2 BHK, you should opt for wireless options. But for larger homes, it is advised to use a wired system. However, this is only possible if your home is under construction or renovation as you will be able to conceal the wires.

Also, the automation system uses the same conduit as your electrical wiring. There is no added expense of the conduit. Another advantage of having wires system is its reliability.

Which brand of Switches works well with the automation?

The answer depends on the home automation system you are planning to install. Some of them give you the option of using any switch.

The components of the automation used to control the switches usually sit behind the switches within the regular switch box.

Does the System work without the Internet?

A good home automation will support both – local and internet mode. If you are using local mode, you will be using the corresponding smart app but it is connected to your router without the internet in your local home Wi-Fi network.

You can use the same app when you are not at home. But make sure the router is connected to the internet.

Also, the switches will continue to work with or without the Home Automation Smart App. So if you want to pursue the manual option, you can.

How flexible is it to meet changing needs?

With the growing technology, there will be ample of inventions in the smart home domain. Even if you do not want a smoke sensor, you may need one in the future.

This addition should not cost you a bomb. You do not have to change the whole automation system for one product.

Any good automation system will give you the flexibility to add or remove smart products at a minimal cost.