Visualise Switches & Cover Plates that suit your interior in 3 easy Steps

Sky Blue Background
Forza Glossy Moon White plate

Forza Glossy Moon White plate

Fullon Silver Graphite Switch

Vihan Fullon Silver Graphite Switch

Select Background

Choose the right Combination

Save the Image

Create a perfect match out of your choicest switch, plates, wall paint and décor now.

There is no feeling greater than the satisfaction one achieves after creating something that you had been wanting to for quite some time. Vihan Electrical's offers you just that. Now choose from the range of international quality Vihan switches and match them to your home walls paint, wall paper, furnishings, interior décor, etc. We can assure you with Vihan you will never run out of options for making that perfect match. That’s not all; you can download the final images of your matching on your phone or PC for consulting with your interior designer/ electrician / family members / friends.
So why wait any more…create your dream décor now…