Top 10 Common Electrical Problems and Solutions

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OCtober 04, 2019

Top 10 Common Electrical Problems and Solutions

When designing our dream house, the most important thing to be considered apart from aesthetics is safety. While we ensure that we install high-quality equipment, over time they can become faulty like most of the man-made inventions.

The most common type of problem we face in our homes is electrical. These maybe minor problems but may require attention. If they are left unattended, these issues could take seconds to escalate and cause an electrical mishap. We have listed the most common top 10 problems with their solutions for your better understanding and safety.

1. Exposed Outlets and Wires

Backstabbed or exposed outlets and wires are simply wires that are exposed to air by having cuts or holes on them. This faces the danger of getting electrocuted when in direct contact with them.


You can either turn off your power or tape with wire with insulation tape. Though this will solve the problem temporarily, the insulation tape is not going to last forever as it will start to wear off after sometime. This temporary solution will put you back to square one and the threat of being electrocuted still persists. The best way to fix this is by getting a new wired installed and ensure your safety.

2. Regular Bulb Burnouts

Bulb burnouts can occur due to multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is the quality of the bulb being used. Incandescent bulbs are more prone to this problem. However, the burnouts can occur due to an electrical problem as well. Other reasons are high voltage, tightly fixed bulb, improper air circulation, etc.


You can check if the connection with the holder is loose or depleted. If it is fine and still you are facing problems, it is time to consult an electrician. Additionally, if you are using incandescent bulbs, we would recommend you to switch to LED bulbs as they are easier to maintain and offer longer life span.

3. Ungrounded Connections

Grounded connections provide a channel to excess electricity in an occurrence of electrical hazards. For example short circuits. In the absence of grounded connections, this excess electricity can pass through wood, metals, etc. causing a shock when it comes in contact.


To ensure your safety, make sure all your outlets have grounding done by professionals.

4. Malfunctioned Switches

If your switches or dimmers are not performing according to the desired functionality, there are chances that they are either old, overridden or have some wiring faults.


Take the help of an electrician and find out the problem to fix it. Replacing the dysfunctional switch with a new one is what we would suggest.

5. High Electric Bills

The increased use of appliances and gadgets is bound to increase your electric bills. One of the things you can do is keeping a check where is your electricity getting utilized the most.


Try cutting down on using heavy appliances more frequently (for example: of air conditioners). Make sure you do not leave with switch on when no appliance is in use. If this does not work, try getting the help of a professional.

6. Tripping

If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping, chances are that there is some faulty wiring at your space. The circuit breaks whenever there is something wrong with the flow of the current. Hence, the name circuit breakers.


Initially, all you need is to find your main electrical panel and turn it back up. If the problem still persists, get a professional to check all your wirings.

7. Surges

Surges or transients are caused by high-voltage disruptions in the flow of electricity occurring in a split of seconds. You can cause great damage to your electric devices because of surges. While transients are not something to be very worried about, recurring surges should not be ignored.


You can either check wires by yourself or call an electrician and consult with him.

8. Aluminum Wires

Aluminum wires were very common initially. After becoming the cause of fires, they are replaced with copper wires. It is not advisable to use aluminum wires today as if it comes in contact with wooden furniture, plastic or other flammable materials, it poses a high risk of an electrical fire.


Copper is the ideal substitute as is it inexpensive and more reliable. Get copper wiring installed by a professional to averse the risk of an electrical fire.

9. Lighting

You may find that the lighting in your space is either too bright or too dim. This can be due to 2 reasons: wattage issues or your main power panel is having technical problems.


You can check the wattage of your bulbs if they are the same or not. If they are, get a professional to get it fixed.

10. Exposed Junction Box

Junction boxes protect your wires against external forces that can cause damage. Additionally, junction boxes can prevent the chances of electrocution.


To prevent potential damages, get a junction box installed by a professional.