Make your interiors go from dull to designer with Modular Switches

Modular Switch

July 04, 2019

Make your interiors go from dull to designer with Modular Switches

Don’t you feel like thetrends in the interior industry are changing constantly?

Changing the whole decor of your space to stay in vogue can be a tad bit expensive in the long run.

The switches today are not restricted to just usage but rather make a significant part of Interiors too.

So how do you go from dull to designer within a budget?

Vihan Presents New version of modular switches! Step up with designs to make your interiors look sleek and modern.

“Here's what's most important about this for you..."

Modular Switches are ideal for your home or office, as they are of superior quality, provide convenience and adapt flawlessly to all kinds of color schemes and interiors.

Homes and commercial buildings are becoming more dependent on electricity than ever. There are more gadgets in our home that require innovative electrical socket design.

Make your interiors go from dull to designer with Modular Switches.

Here is why you should revamp your space with Modular Switches :

Advantages of modular switches:

1. Aesthetics

We are always looking for ways to game up our interiors. It’s wonderful what a little thing like a switch could do to your ambience.

Even basic design improvements can make a big transformation in a room’s look and feel.

If you are not into keeping up with the latest tech trends like smart sockets, These Modular series can be a great way to update your home or office’s look.

Modular switchesis available in numerous designs, from atypical modern to vintage classics.

2. Mechanism

The reason behind advancing technologies is the convenience it provides. Our Modular Range is designed to offer you the ultimateease of access.

Our switches support two pins and three pins, so that you can plug any of those into the sockets with ease.

The Vihan range of switches has one way Switches, two way Switchesor Bell Push mechanism, according to consumers need.

Additionally, the option of customizing your switches withcoloured indicators.

3. Range

Don’t feel like going with traditional?

New modular designs under Fullon, Boy and Ever Range come at a wide variety, provide great value and will look great on your walls.

Go chic, bold, elegant or modern, we have everything you need.

Curated with quality and performance in mind, choose from extensive range that suits your personality and decor.


If you want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your interiors, select from our wide variety of modular range and perk up your ambience.

Innovative switch designs are pushing push things forward on a much ignored part of interior design.

Home and office owners are spending a lot of time and money keeping their space up to date and looking great.

Concentrating on the intricate details of interiors such as electrical switches, take the ambience of your room to a new level of creativity and elegance.

Our switches offer diverse colors, materials and function for your interiors.