Top 5 Features of a Good Quality Electrical Wire

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November 16, 2019

Top 5 Features of a Good Quality Electrical Wire

There are things which are important for transferring things from one place to another. Without the transfer it would be difficult to operate some of our electric devices. One such thing is power.

Wires and cables are the two important components that play a major role in our lives. They ensure a continuous flow of electricity which enables us to function smoothly.

Wires come in many forms and are made from many materials. Choosing the right electrical wire is indispensable for so many reasons.

The matter of safety is foremost when it comes to electrical wires. It is the backbone of any electrical system failing on which can lead to fatal accidents.

Here are the top 5 Features of wires that you should look out for:

1. Copper Vs Aluminium

Copper is undeniably a better conductor of electricity. It has the highest electrical conductivity rating of all non-precious metals (100%).

When you take the concept of conductivity, there are total of 3 factors that should be taken into account.

They are resistivity, size of the cable and the insulation material. Aluminium only has 61% of the conductivity of copper.

Although aluminium is cheaper and lighter in weight than copper, it is not the most preferred choice when it comes to high-quality wires.

2. Current Capacity Of Cables

The current capacity of the wire varies depending on the depth at which the cables have been placed or with the ground or air temperature.

Hence, it is fundamental to choose a power cable that is of good quality and have high strength. This will ensure that the wire withstands all such factors.

3. Armour On Electrical Wires

The shield on electrical wires is used to protect the cables from any physical damage. Armour is generally made up of steel wires or tape which increases the strength, making the cable safe from any kind of physical damage.

This ensures safety and the fact that you will not face frequent maintenance issues.

4. Fire And Water Resistant

Regardless of where the wire is being used, safety is one of the closest attributes when you think of various electrical hazards.

Electrical appliances or industrial machinery can become faulty or damaged due to poor wiring. This can lead to serious consequences such as electrocution or fire accidents.

Look for wires with high thermal stabilitythat can withstand high operating temperature. PVC insulation of these wires makes them extremely reliable and resistant to factors such as fire, water and climate.

Over the years, it is observed that incorporating high-quality wires and cables can help a great deal in averting voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

5. Durability And Energy Efficiency

Durability is yet another important feature to be considered. The superior quality copper wire that is used in manufacturing makes it extremely resistant to rusts and pests.

Along with various energy-efficient technologies and the qualities of copper, good quality wires will also help you cut down on your electric bill.

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