Dual Color Emission Lighting is the latest craze in India

Dual Color Emission Lighting

June 22, 2018

Dual Color Emission Lighting is the latest craze in India

Selecting a piece of light for your home, office, business place is no longer a last-minute decision. Gone are the days when the trusted electrician used to take the call unilaterally without much deliberation. The electrician’s choice was considered to be judicious, supreme and often unchallengeable.

Dual-color lights are the latest sensation among consumers of all class. F-DOT Down Light from Vihan can be a good choice if you are thinking of replacing your old and boring down lights. F-DOT Down Light comes with a range of dual-color options. Sturdy, durable, energy-efficient and with fantastic looks, they come in primarily two variants with multiple options.

The first version has white as the outer light with red, green and blue as the options for center light. The second version is with blue as the outer light and white as the center light. For more information, you can scroll down to the end of this blog.

So there is no excuse now that can stop you from going in for the makeover of your space with dual-color down lights and making a bold and powerful statement of your own self to the world.