Modular Switches

A perfect blend of innovation, luxury, and style.

One of the many reason, people opt out for switches are safety. These switches are aesthetically pleasing and can blend perfectly with your home décor as well as in your lifestyle. Its versatile design with innovation makes them a good fit to add them in your space.
When you choose a VIHAN product, you select unmatched international quality. That’s because we use technologically advanced manufacturing processes at our state-of-the-art plant.
Vihan works for the betterment of the people by bringing dreams into reality. Be it in design, style or performance, we provide you with the best modular switches for home, office as well as industrial use that are capable of withstanding high overload condition. With the best electric switch manufacturer in Mumbai one can experience the pinnacle of quality and aesthetics range of switches.
With Vihan, you will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of modular switches, an exclusive range of Coverplates, sockets, Dimmer and Accessories.
fullon modular Switches and plates
fullon modular logo A wide range of well-designed switches with a combination of innovation, durability, futuristic design and safety.This Modular Range has come up with an exclusive coverplates consists of fascinating options that adds energy to your space.
Ever modular Switches and plates
Ever modular logo Ever switches Redefining beauty forever .Get Mesmerized by the brilliance of design and performance. Decorate your interiors with class and sophistication. Modular plates of this range adding individuality to your space. The extensive variety helps you in finding a perfect cover plate with multiple colour and pattern of your decor.
Boy Modular Switches and plates
boy modular logo You can choose as your Ideas for Home Décor. Switch to ultimate elegance with this modular series that dominates your interior entirely. This modular range has stunning variety in colours and conventional style of cover plates that add royal look to your home decor.