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Types Of Wire

Types of Wires Your House Needs

Since the invention of electricity, our lives have been greatly dependent on it. From the moment we get up till the night when we fall asleep, 80% to 90% of our tasks are dependent on electricity.

It is no more a matter of convenience; electricity has become an integral part of our life. Our phones, laptops, lights, refrigerators, computers, offices, air conditioners, etc. are dependent on electricity.

It is of no surprise that our society will stop functioning if electricity was to disappear.

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vihan Mcb

Why MCBs Play an Important Role?

Now and then we hear about fire hazards in malls, restaurants, and hotels. While there are multiple reasons behind this undesired situation, one of the common reasons is due to electrical faults.

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Modular Switches


Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports in India. It marked its origin around 4000 years ago, in the epic tale of Mahabharata. Kabaddi is becoming the most sought after sport after cricket and football in India.

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Say No To Flu and Dirty Switch Plates

Every monsoon season in India brings happiness and also the chances of falling sick.
You may take all the preventive measures to save yourself from the flu; there is one area that you should not ignore – your switch plates.

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Modular Switches

Decorate Your Room With Latest Modular Switch Plate-Fullwoody by Vihan

Have you Ever Noticed that? One of the Most Boring things in the Room, with regards to decor, is a switch Plates, right ?

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