Why MCBs Play an Important Role?

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August 10, 2019

Why MCBs Play an Important Role?

Now and then we hear about fire hazards in malls, restaurants, and hotels. While there are multiple reasons behind this undesired situation, one of the common reasons is due to electrical faults.

These situations can occur at your home or office as well. Hence, it is of utmost importance to know more about how can this be prevented.

While the basic rule of not playing with electricity applies, you can install MCBs to avert any unwanted disasters. Here’s a brief of how’s and what’s of MCBs.

What are MCBs ?

Miniature Circuit Breakers aka MCBs avoid any mishaps that could take place in an event of overcurrent, overload or short circuits. These MCBs are used to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

There are multiple types of MCBs available. Your electrician could help you out in choosing the best type for you.

What does it do ?

MCBs are the latest addition for protection and safety from an electrical catastrophe. Its basic functionality is to interrupt current flow after a fault it is detected.

They act proactively. It safeguards your circuitry, electrical appliances and protects you by suspending power supply in circuits during overload and short circuits.

As opposed to the traditional fuses, MCBs can be used even after interruption of the circuit. They are generally used in low voltage electrical network.

MCB Types & Characteristics
There are total 6 types of MCBs available with Vihan.

1. Single Pole MCB
2. Single Pole + Neutral MCB
3. Double Pole MCB
4. Triple Pole MCB
5. Triple Pole + Neutral MCB
6. Four Pole MCB

Each of these types have different features and uses. To generalize MCB’s characteristics:

1. Rates current (not exceeding than 100 Amp)
2. Trip characteristics are normally not adjustable
3. Thermal or magnetic operation

We have shortlisted the advantages of miniature circuit breakers. Take a look:
Benefits of installing Miniature Circuit Breakers:

1. Sensitiveto Overcurrent

MCBs are sensitive to overcurrent. IT will automatically cut off the power supply if any overload and faulty conditions that lead to the short circuit are identified. MCB’s traditional counterpart – fuses are not as sensitive to overcurrent or faulty wiring as efficiently as MCBs.

2. Identifying Faulty Zones

If you have a faulty electric zone in your house or office, MCB will trip and break the electric supply.

This indicates that the electric circuit has some faulty region and the switch operating knob turns OFF, making it easier for you to locate the same.

3. Quick Restoration

After the breakdown because of overcurrent, MCBs are efficient to allow swiftrestoration of power supply. As opposed to MCB, fuses have to be rewired or replaced for power restoration.

4. More Safety

MCBs, without a doubt, are safer than a fuse. They offer improved operational safety and higher convenience than its traditional counterpart. MCBs are normally used in low voltage electrical network.


MCBs ensure the safety of your house or office. It is of utmost importance to invest in a high-quality MCBs.

Vihan is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical range. Get maximum protection from electrical faults with our range of MCBs. Our widespread options will suit all types of requirements.

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