All You Need To Know About Beautifying Cities with Right Outdoor Lighting

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All You Need To Know About Beautifying Cities with Right Outdoor Lighting

Every city has its own unique features. Either in the form of historical monuments, statues or nature – every city depicts a story behind it.

Mumbai has the queen’s necklace, Jaipur has beautiful palaces and Vadodara has the astonishing statue of unity. These magnificent locations deserve the best lighting in order to enhance their ravishing features.

Why do you require the right outdoor lighting?

The way indoor lighting can make or break your interiors and the ambience, outdoor lighting works in the same way.

The right lighting can help you enhance the beauty of any city with the utmost grace and elegance.

Not only with the monuments or places with cultural importance, adding the correct lights to streets or corners of a town can make it aesthetically appealing.

Installing different coloured lights at different angles can beautify a city on a completely new level. Not to forget, a well-lit city feels safer and more welcoming.

What types of lights should be installed?

While the main aim remains to light up the city, we also have to make sure that it does not harm the environment. Hence, keeping in mind these considerations, LED becomes the ideal choice. There are plenty of options available under LED for outdoor lighting. Some of the popular and the most useful ones are:

1. Street LED Lights

Street LEDs should be trendy, compact and energy-efficient. LED Street Lights are designed for streets, campus, garden and other spaces. Look for lights with high-quality optic lenses and reflectors as they provide a wider and uniform dispersion of light to cover maximum areas. Long-lasting and easy maintenance of these LED lights ensure the emission of a minimum amount of CO2 than any other conventional lighting source.

2. Flood LED Lights

A Flood LED should boast good thermal management that ensures the stable working of LED and effective energy consumption, innovative design, different optics for beam patterns, lenses and reflectors. These are a preferred choice to light up city streets, malls, landscaping and other areas.

3. Strip LED Lights

Strip lights are generally used by hotels, commercial premises and other spaces. However, they can also be used for monuments, billboards, etc. These lights impart flair, luxury and decor to otherwise flat areas. These are highly sophisticated straight lighting and increase the beauty of any place.

4. Garden LED Lights

Garden Light LEDs are energy efficient and thrive on minimum energy consumption with a bright illuminative capacity. They should be highly anti-corrosive and water-proof. Garden lights are reasonably priced, come in various sizes used for lighting gardens, parking lots and passages making these areas beautiful and pleasing.

Other Outdoor LEDs

Other LEDs such as wall lights are used by hotels, commercial premises and other spaces. They are a great way of enhancing the outer perimeter of important buildings such as for the Taj Mahal or the Gateway of Mumbai. These lights lend style, luxury and decor to otherwise bland areas.