Onelay Cable

Onelay HR-FR-LF Cable

  • Onelay Cable
  • Onelay Cable


Does not Propagate Flame and Fire

Colors :

Entire cable has white base and a double strip of red or yellow or blue or black or green or grey running along the cable length

Data Chart : Cable Design Parameters

Nominal Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm) Nominal Insulation Thickness (mm) Number *Nominal Dia. of Strands Approx. Overall Diameter (mm) Max. DC ConductorResistance at 20°C(Ω/km) Current Rating (Amps) Casing Current Rating (Amps) Concealed
1 0.7 37/0.20 2.6 19.5 12 11
1.5 0.7 37/0.22 3.0 13.3 16 15
2.5 0.8 61/0.22 3.6 7.98 23 19
4 0.8 61/0.30 4.1 4.95 30 26
*Conductor as per IS 8130.     # Traditionally bunched conductor


Wiring in all installations where fire safety is of utmost importance like schools, theaters, commercial complexes, apartments, high rise buildings, laboratories, etc.


Voltage Grade :

Up to and including 1100V

Conductor :

Thin strands of electrolytic copper are multi-drawn for uniformity of resistance, dimension and flexibility.
The drawn strands are uni-laid with high precision and compacted. Thus forming a perfectly circular conductor which enables reduction in overall diameter for space saving in high density wiring.

Conductor Speciality :

The strands do not get cut when stripping the insulation. The conductor offers perfect contact at pins, terminals and sockets. Thus, eliminating spot heating and sparking.

Insulation :

Specially formulated grade of Heat Resistant & flame retardant compound is used. The insulation does not burn readily. It does not melt and drip, non-toxic.

Insulation Confirmity :

IS 5831, Type - HR 105°C & FR - 90°C

Marking :

The cables are printed with marking of “VIHAN ONELAY (UNILAY CONDUCTOR) HR - FR” upto 4 Sq. mm

Packing :

90 mtr. coils packed in “STACKPAK” with protective Cartons.


Limited Oxygen Index as per ASTM - D 2863 - >32%

Limited Temperature Index as per ASTM - D 2863 - > 250°C

Smoke Density (Light Absorption) as per ASTM - D 2843 - < 10%

Acid Gas Generation as per IEC - 60754 - 1 - < 5%