Mood Lighting has arrived and is here to stay.

Series light

August 31, 2018

Mood Lighting has arrived and is here to stay.

Changing lifestyles have brought about quite a few changes in our choices too. The arrival of mood lighting on the scene and its stupendous success shows that people in our country are ready to experiment and feel good to pamper themselves too.

Vihan FM Series Mood lights give you the experience of different degree of lights as per the natural light progression during a day’s span. Single light comes fitted with three varied watts of illumination capacity and your mornings become bright and cheerful.

The evening time they give you a pleasant and restful experience. The night time is for a dim-yet-well-lit atmosphere to end the day on a beautiful note. There is no harmful radiation, gives high lumens in low watt, saves energy and is completely eco-friendly. And that’s not all it is completely maintenance free, easy to fit and it lasts long.