How To Check Quality of LED bulbs

Quality LED Bulb

How To Check Quality Of LED Bulbs

We all need a proper source of lighting in order to carry on our daily routine smoothly. And therefore, LED bulbs have become an essential part of our lives.

This is because of the various advantages it brings such as power saving, energy conservation, longer lifespan, etc.

They are quickly replacing its traditional counterpart- incandescent light bulbs as they offer higher lumen while consuming fewer watts.

Just like any other product, even LED bulbs are manufactured at a lower cost by compromising the quality. This quality depends on many factors such as the quality of material, performance, encasing of the bulb that protects the bulb from external damages, etc. and not just the light source.

The types and brands available in the market are growing every single day. In order to make the most value of money and purchase high-quality LED bulbs, here is how you can check the quality:

IP Rating / IP Code

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating is the solution developed by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) to solve the issue of the quality of the enclosures. In other words, all electrical or technical products are given an IP rating defined by the quality standards of IEC that signify the quality of the encasing.

Why is encasing important?

An electrical appliance is made of multiple internal components. An encasing provides protection against foreign elements which can access the interior components. Let’s take the example of a watch. If you require a water-proof watch, the dial should offer protection against water. In order to achieve this, the dial should be made of a material that meets the standard requirement. If the material is not up to the required standard, the quality will deteriorate faster than expected which will affect the functionality of the watch.

What Does The IP Rating Mean?

The IP Rating is made of the letters “IP” and a 2-digit number. These numbers indicate the quality of the encasing that protects the internal components of the LED bulb. These two numbers signify protection against solid and liquid ingress. The first digit shows the level of protection for solid ingress. It can range anywhere from 0 to 6. A high number denotes high protection and vice versa. Similarly, the second digit shows the level of protection against liquid ingresses. This value can range anywhere between 0 and 9.

The LED with rating IP55 provides less protection against the LED with rating IP66. If you are using the LED in your living or bedroom, it is preferable that you install the bulb with higher protection against solid ingress. Similarly, if you are planning to install it in your bathroom, it is preferable that you install the bulb with higher protection against liquid ingress.

IP rating is a common platform for consumers to check the quality across all the brands available in the market. Today, even some smartphone companies have implemented IP ratings for their products.

Importance of IP Rating

LED lights are often seen as expensive when compared to the incandescent bulbs. While this is true, they offer long term benefits and are an excellent option when it comes to power saving and energy consumption. To avail the best of these benefits, it is important that you invest in a bulb that gives you the best value for your money. Here is when the IP Rating isuseful.

If you are purchasing LED for outdoor usage, ensure that your luminaire is sturdy enough to withstand dust, rains and other harsh conditions. IP Rating helps in determining what quality would get in the price you invest. Pool lights, garden lights, street lights, etc. need good IP Rating for flawless performance. Similarly, even in the bathroom, where the lights are exposed to moisture require high-quality encasing. Indoor LED lights also require protection from dust and winds to increase their efficiency.

For highest protection from dust or other solid particles, choose the LED which has the first digit of IP as 6. For lights that are exposed to humidity or water (for example- pool lights), choose a number from minimum 6 to the maximum 9 for the second digit of the IP Rating.

ISO Standards

The ISO 9000 is designed to help organizations confirm that they meet the needs of customers. They define world-class specifications for quality, safety and efficiency of products or services. The latest certification available is 9000:2015. All our products are ISO 9000:2015 certified.


With the growing demand and competition of LED bulbs, it is essential to pick the one which suits your requirement and is of premier quality. For an LED, the enclosure is of utmost importance. The factors that help you determine the quality is via IP Rating and ISO certification.