5 Creative Ideas to Light Up Your Home This Diwali


October 25, 2019

5 Creative Ideas to Light Up Your Home This Diwali

With Diwali right around the corner, we can already feel the festivity in the air.

The tasty treats, fireworks and taking time off work are just a few of the main reasons why everyone loves the festival. While Diwali calls for traditional rituals such as rangoli and diyas, here are 5 ways that can make your home shine:

Use Floating diyas and candles

Floating diyas and candles speak of elegance. Although they are a classic, they are a beautiful addition to your contemporary home décor. You can use a simple glass bowl filled with clear / colouredwater or add little flowers in them to make it even more pretty. The flowers add a mild fragrance to your ambience.

Use LEDs

LEDs are the modern era diyas. You will get a ton of options with LEDs. They are so versatile and unique that you will find a match for every type of interiors. You can choose from various types of LEDs such as scones, pendants, etc. this Diwali!

Decorate with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the ultimate go-to when you want your place to look heavenly. You can throw some of them by the window, light up your shelves with it or simply wrap it around vases or champagne / wine bottles for that warm glow or twinkle.

Install Strip Lights

Strip lights are used to accent a particular object. For instance, you can place strip lights around the mirror, or your favourite picture frame or simply on the door of your house. They are a great addition if you want accent lighting.


The traditional lanterns can be an excellent décor to give your interiors adesi vibe. There are various shapes and sized of lanterns available in the market that you can select and be Diwali-ready!

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