10 Different Ways to Use LED Strip Lights

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Sep 27 2019

10 Different Ways to Use LED Strip Lights

Your home represents your personality. And this is why a lot of people have been investing their time and effort in getting their interiors right.

With the growing number of people wanting to stay in trend, interiors can get a bit monotonous.

So how can you make your home different from others?

The era of styling homes with tube lights have passed long back. In the world of LEDs and automation, strip lights are often forgotten. And hence, it is the answer to your question.

I’d like to tell you more about…

Strip lights have the capacity to make or break your interiors. LED strip lighting is simple to install and can combined with long lasting safety and one of the biggest advantages of strip lighting is that you can usually find it according to its illumination. They are an excellent choice for decorative uses.

So when you decide to use strip lights, make sure you read this article!

Here are 10 Different ways that you can include strip lights at your home:

1. Under The Mirror

Placing strip lights under the mirror is a great way of accentuating the plain, old, simple mirror into an elegant piece of decor.

This is also a great option if you are looking to enhance your interiors in the bathroom. This adds a luxurious feel to your space.

2. Accent Ceiling

One of the best ways to make your interiors look high-end is by installing strip lights in your ceiling.

Placing the lights inside the cervices of your false ceiling will help it give a soft and soothing ambience making your space feel plus.

3. Glam Your Kitchen

If you have countertops and upper cabinets, this one is the most basic option of using LED strip lights.

Make sure you place them under your cabinets. This will accent your countertop in a warm, glowing way.

You can also place them under your bottom cabinets. While you can do both together, make sure you do not overdo it.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Surprisingly, strip lights work as good as LEDs when it comes to outdoor lighting.

You need to plan where you can and want to install them. For instance, you can have them on the side of your pillars, on the base of your tree, or under the table in your lawn. Vihan LED strip light is ideal for outdoor lighting and are very effective when try to set a certain atmosphere .

5. On the Stairs

Adding strip lights below your stairs is a classy way of including strip lights. It is minimal and highlights the stairs perfectly without coming out as too much lighting. It is the perfect enchanting aesthetic your space needs!

6. Light Up Your Shelves

Shelves are the probably most boring looking as they are mainly used for storage.

Strip lights have the potential of turning them into designer shelves. Figure out which side looks the best with strip lights-at the sides or at the bottom, and voilayou have your own designer shelf!

7. Entertainment Centres

If you have an entertainment centre at home, you probably want to highlight your television and play station to attract attention to it.

Place the lights in the curvatures of the centre for the best effect!

8. Lighting Aquarium

If you have a fish tank or an aquarium, you can turn them into a design piece. LED strips above or around your tank will add a beautiful effect to your tank and your space. Make sure the fishes and plants can tolerate the additional lights.

9. Pop of Light

If you do not haveobvious furniture to place strip lights such as entertainment centre or stairs;or if you do not want to highlight them, you can still include LED strips in your space as a pop of lighting.

For example, take an artwork or a picture frame and throw the strip around it. It is a great way to capture attention while keeping it simple.

10. Modern Furniture

For people who love the ultra-modern look, this one is for you! Take your sofa or bed and install LEDs beneath them.

The exclusive lighting makes it look like your furniture is made from an era of the future.

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LED strips are so versatile in nature. Apart from the aesthetic qualities, they are very convenient to install, power-saving and cost-effective.

Ensure that you consider the overall lighting and ambience of the room before selecting the colour and placement of the strip lights.

We do not want to make blunders right? The above ideas will help you in a decision and bring your space the needed oomph!